In the course of my research, I have come across words I didn’t know, terms with different meaning from everyday context, and abbreviations and acronymns enough to make your eyes water.

For my own sake, I’m going to note them down now as I go, especially those I use in my posts and didn’t know before. Feel free to suggest some. If they help anyone else, more’s the better. Links behind where appropriate.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) have their own list of acronymns, many of which I refer to often. I can only apologise but working in tech, projects are full of them.

Ping-pong refers to parliamentary legislation and its approval process between House of Lords and the Commons

AHSN  Academic Health Sciences Network (ref SD blog)
AQP  Any Qualified Provider
API   Application Programming Interface
ASCOF    Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework
CCG     Clinical Commissioning Group
COF    Commissioning Outcomes Framework
CPRD    Clinical Practice Research Datalink
CQC    Care Quality Commission
CQRS    Calculating Quality Reporting Service
CSU    Commissioning Support Unit
DH    Department of Health
DH ERD    Department of Health External Relations Directorate
DHID/NHS CFH Department of Health
Informatics Directorate including NHS
Connecting for Health
DME Data Management Environment
DMIC Data Management Integration Centre
DMS Defence Medical Services
ENDPB Executive non-Departmental Public Body
ESR     Electronic Staff Record
GIA    Grant in Aid funding
GP    General Practitioner
GPES    GP Extraction Service
GPSoC    GP Systems of Choice (Link for local GP IT systems)
GSS    Government Statistics Service
HEE     Health Education England
HES    Hospital Episodes Statistics
HQIP    Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership
HR    Human Resources
HSCIC    Health and Social Care Information Centre
HWE    Healthwatch England
IAPT    Improving Access to Psychological Therapies
ICT    Information and Communications Technology
IG   Information Governance
ISCG   Informatics Services Commissioning Group (since May 2014 called NIB instead)
IT Information Technology
LSP Local Service Providers
MHRA Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
NASCIS National Adult Social Care Intelligence Service
NHS CB NHS Commissioning Board
NICE  National Institute for Clinical and Healthcare Excellence
NIHR   National Institute for Health Research
NTDA National Trust Development Authority
ODS Organisation Data Service
PACS Picture Archiving and Communication System
PbR Payment by Results
PCD Personal Confidential Data
PCT Primary Care Trust
PHE Public Health England
PSN Public Sector Network
QOF    Quality Outcomes Framework
SCR    Summary Care Record
SCS    Senior Civil Service
SHA Strategic Health Authority
SRO    Senior responsible Officer
SUS Secondary Uses Service
VSM Very Senior Manager (!)





Small selection of relevant websites:

Official page

Dr.Bhatia’s info page


Health and Social Care Information Centre

-HSCIC Systems

– HSCIC Data Linkage and Extract Service

– HSCIC Data sets – what is collected

– HSCIC FOI log (Freedom of Information – up to date until September 2013)


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